Maeve Brennan, The Drift, 2019

Eloise Hawser, PressTracker I, 2021

Martha Atienza, the people, the sea and the land, 2022

Kristy Chan, To(e)tally (K)not, 2021

Helen Cammock, They Call It Idlewild, 2022

Alice Theobald, IL Y AURA, 2022

Adia Wahid, Glitches, 2022

Alexandre Canonico, Score, 2022

Marcus Coates, The Directors: Lucy, 2022 (an Artangel project)

Eloise Hawser, PressTracker II, 2022

Jonathan Baldock, Wysing, 2022

Simon Moretti, Impertinent Juxtapositions: Curating as Practice, 2023